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The A-level SMART agriculture

Deep learning technology is empowering farmers to become predictable, lower risk and grow more and healthier food by using smart farming. Sustainable.


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Acres of farmland lost every hour


Increase of farms filing for bankruptcy


Of small family farms have high risk OPM


Agriculture is facing climate change, extreme conditions and instability.


Not enough money to access premium consultants, agricultural equipment and workers.

Doubt & Confusion

Farmers can doubt their crop practices due to many factors.

Fear of Missing out

New technology that could improve yields and efficiency.

Fear of Bankruptcy

Result from factors like low yields, high debts

The solution?

Specific and precise actionable farming intelligence


Empowering people with the help of technology, to grow more and healthier food by using sustainable farming practices.

We Follow Best Practices

We collect data, analyse data and give customer specific and precise actionable farming recommendations

What we do?

We inform farmers of the specific and precise actions to be done.

What you do?

Grow more and healthier food using less resources.

How we help?

Support your crops with tailored actions to get best plant growth.

Transform agriculture and foster innovation.

For farmers, bankers, insurers, investors or government officials

Are you a farmer, banker, insurer, investor, or government official interested in improving and the agricultural productivity and predictability?
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Kotys is utilizing variable rate application (VRA) of water, nutrients, and plant protection substances in agriculture to ensure that only the necessary amount of resources are used. By using precision agriculture technologies such as GPS-guided equipment, soil sensors, and drone imagery, Kotys provides farmers with detailed information about the variability of factors such as soil nutrients, moisture levels, and pest pressure. This allows farmers to make informed decisions about how much of each input to apply in each area of their fields, reducing waste, lowering the risk of over-application, and improving the efficiency and sustainability of their operations.